Eyelash Extensions

At Lash Love & Beauty Bar we use synthetic mink or silk extensions. Not only do they keep a better curl, but they are cruelty free! After choosing the perfect desired look, the extentions will be applied with a safe medical grade adhesive. At no time does this adhesive or the extension contact the skin. They will feel very light weight and comfortable to wear! Fills are needed to keep lashes full due to our natural shedding cycle. Don’t worry, new baby lashes are always growing in replacement. 

Classic Full Set – 1.5 to 2 hrs – $150

One extension is applied to one natural lash at a time. This will accentuate each individual lash and give the perfect look of mascara. Available in a variety of curls, lengths and diameters! Great for someone with a large amount of natural lashes or for a more natural look. 

Hybrid Full Set – 2 to 2.5 hrs – $185

Want a little more drama with your lashes? A hybrid set is your answer. Using multiple lighter extensions, we will create beautiful fans then place this on top of one of your natural lashes. Great for sparse natural lashes or anyone looking for a more fluffy dramatic set.

Classic Fills:

1 Week – $40

2 Week – $55

3 Week – $65

Hybrid Fills:

1 Week – $50

2 Week – $65

3 Week – $80

After 4 weeks, we will consider this a new full set.

Extension Removal:

30 minutes – $30

I am addicted to having great lashes! I receive compliments on my lashes almost every day and most people think they are natural!

Amber W.

I absolutely LOVE my lashes!

Mia P.